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Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

Confidential Information is defined as all information, including all data, sample, technical and economic information, commercialization, research strategy, trade secrets and know-how, which are not disclosed to the public and will be disclosed to the Parties in accordance with a contact or agreement between them.

Confidential Information includes, without limitation:

- All written and oral information, ideas, estimates disclosed to the other Party in connection with the purpose;

- All information exchanged verbally through conversations, discussions, discussions or meetings and correspondence between the parties;

- All analysis, compilation, study, proposal, and other documents prepared by both parties;

- All commercial agreements or agreements concluded between the parties, contracts involving confidential information exchange

- Company sales and company partnership agreements and other related agreements

However, each of the Parties may disclose or use Confidential Information in whole or in part in the following cases:

- Confidential information being included in the public's information for a reason other than a breach of this contract or a fault;

- The written consent of the party that discloses the confidential information to the freely transmission or use by third parties;

- If the party receiving the confidential information can prove that it has the information before it is disclosed by the other party;

- your knowledge; if the recipient is developed independently by employees or representatives who are not authorized to directly or indirectly access said Confidential Information received from the other party;

- If one of the parties is obliged to disclose the decision of the competent court or the official or administrative authority, in accordance with the applicable law or regulation; For this, all necessary legal and reasonable measures must be taken to prevent such disclosure, and the Party to which the information is registered must be notified within a sufficient period of time to allow the party obliged to take an appropriate protective precautionary measure prior to disclosure.

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